Meet the cast

Paul Morgan – Bass, occasionally seen amongst the tenors causing trouble.

Chris Worthy – Good with wood, sings wherever a boost is needed.

Anthony Brown – MD extraordinaire and all-time outstanding tenor.

Matt Dauncey – Occasionally seen being bass-tastic.

Julian Clementson – Pianist and bass - we try hard to get him on stage.

Mari Webster – Inestimable beauty in the guise of a soprano, a true treat.

Phil Greenaway – Fish-shlapping bass – delivers all performances with absolute love and vigour!

Ian Diddams – Second Tenor, Trevor, Tenor, Trevor. Musical theatre group tart!

Will Sexton – Incredible tenory/baritoney/bass Freddie type person!

Teresa Bray – Sumptuous soprano – and that is all.

Lyn Taylor – Mother of Jesus, orderer of pirates!

Liz Schorah – Dancing nun. AMAZING dancing nun!

Tracey Lawrence – Major support and chief costumer, props bod, tea maker and general 'we can't do without her'!

Mel Combe – Delectable Mel – second to nun!

Jemma Brown – Manages all the publicity, sings with both sopranos and altos, mainly loudly.

Ally Moore – Reluctant alto, wonderful sparkling performer.

Tina Duffin – Splendid soprano, thoroughly entertaining.

Debby Wilkinson – Alto with an extreme ability to entertain.

Lucy Burgess – Alto gorgeousness occasionally seen in TITCO shows lighting up the stage.

Naomi Ibbeston – Tinkling soprano with spine-tingling attributes.

Viv Kyte – Stalwart second soprano from great musical stock.

Chris Watkins – Talented and gifted both on and off the screen.

Tony James – Our musical maestro and lifelong member. Otherwise known as Tonionio!

Simon Hoy – Will tell you in two words that he 'wants to marry your daughters'!

Sarah Hanks – Pocket rocket of alto dazzlingness.

Sean Andrews – Few words describe this theatre stalwart. Outstanding is a good one though.

Kelly Ward – Nun, bar tending, rugby supporting babe!

Malcolm Shipp – Purveyor of beer, all round great performer and chap!

Our current show

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'Pirates of Penzance' poster for TITCO

Past performances

We have video clips of a selection of our past performances, including some behind-the-scenes footage, which gives an insight into the huge amount of work that makes our productions so successful. You can see more of our videos on our YouTube channel.

A Brief History of Musicals

Pirates of Penzance

Jesus Christ Superstar

TITCO does the Movies

TITCO currently aims to put on two performances each year. A full list of our past performances is below.

2021 – Switch the Lights Back On!, Wharf Theatre

2019 – The War of the Worlds, Wyvern Theatre

2019 – Spamalot, St Mary's

2018 – The Armed Man, St Mary's

2018 – TITCO Does Queen, Corn Exchange

2017 – Last Night at the Conductor's Arms, Bear Hotel

2017 – Into the Woods, Wharf Theatre

2016 – The War of the Worlds, St Mary's

2016 – Sister Act, St Mary's

2015 – A Brief History of Musicals, Bear Hotel

2015 – The Pirates of Penzance, Wharf Theatre

2015 – The Hired Man, Wharf Theatre

2014 – The Hired Man, Bear Hotel

2014 – Jesus Christ Superstar, St Mary's

2013 – TITCO Does the Movies, Wharf Theatre

2013 – TITCO Does the Movies, The Arc Theatre

2013 – TITCO Does Christmas, Bear Hotel

2012 – TITCO Does the Movies, Bear Hotel

2012 – Fish Gotta Swim, Bear Hotel

2011 – Gala Concert, Bear Hotel

1984 – Jack The Ripper, Wharf Theatre

1983 – Oh What a Lovely War, Wharf Theatre

1982 – Divorce Me Darling, Wharf Theatre

1981 – Tonight and Every Night, Wharf Theatre

1980 – These Foolish Things, Wharf Theatre

1979 – Cowardy Custard, Falmouth

1978 – The Boyfriend, Falmouth


In the 1970s, Jim and Mary Roberts started up The Invitation Theatre Company, affectionately know as TITCO. TITCO was simply a group of friends who were super talented, had a passion for musical theatre and who put on knock-out shows.

They did the quirky shows larger companies didn't do because of the small cast and their reputation was phenomenal. They started in Bristol and when they moved to Devizes, they were based at the Wharf Theatre where they regularly sold out two-week shows in the summer slot – all due to their reputation and tenacity of the man at their helm. Mary and Jim both passed away in the mid and late 80s and so TITCO went to sleep.

In 2009 Mary and Jim's daughter Jemma asked her chum Chris to put on a show with her at the Wharf Theatre – it was magical. 'The Rhythm of Life' was a sell out over eight nights, had rave reviews and uncovered young, fresh talent in Devizes who wanted to be part of a musical theatre group. It was at this point that TITCO was rewoken.

Our principles are the same as they were first time round – work hard, laugh hard and put on cracking shows. We hope you come along for the ride and that over the coming years we bring you some amazing musical theatre!

TITCO are committed to raising money for a variety of charities through their performances. See below the charities we have supported so far.

Nov 2011 – Wiltshire Air Ambulance, contribution towards £1000

May 2011 – Breast Cancer Care, £200

Nov 2012 – Prostate Cancer, £108

Mar 2013 – Comic Relief, £216

May 2013 – CLIC Sargent, £290

Oct 2013 – Wiltshire Air Ambulance, £280

Dec 2013 – Dorothy House, £707

Dec 2014 – Wiltshire Air Ambulance, contribution towards £1785

Apr 2015 – Devizes Opportunity Centre, contribution towards £4000

Oct 2015 – Wiltshire Air Ambulance, £190

Dec 2015 – Wiltshire Air Ambulance, £2000

2016 – Dorothy House, £2000

2017 – Devizes Opportunity Centre, £2000

2018 – Devizes OpenDoors, £1300

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Chairman – Anthony Brown –

Treasurer – Kirsty Andrews –

Artistic Director – Chris Worthy –

Publicity Director – Jemma Brown –

Secretary – Allison Moore –

We're always looking for support people
Front of house, hair and make-up, stage help, etc. Please contact Paul for more info.